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Free Woodworking Plans


Find free woodworking plans for building fine furniture, toys and games, yard and garden projects, wood shop accessories, cabinets, kitchen accessories and more. Each set of our free woodworking plans includes a measured drawing that you can download and print to take to your wood shop and complete the woodworking project.
  1. Fine Furniture
  2. Toys & Games
  3. Cabinetry
  4. Kitchen
  1. Office/Study
  2. Yard and Garden
  3. Wood Shop Accessories

Fine Furniture

Tall Oak Mirror

Few woodworking projects show off a your skill as a woodworker better than fine furniture. In this section, we have free woodworking plans for furniture pieces that you can build. With patience and quality materials, your woodworking skills will create a piece of furniture that will stand for years as a testament to your efforts.

Toys & Games

Play Washers!

Using your woodworking skills to build your own toys and games adds a whole new level of fun to your woodworking. In this section, we have free woodworking plans for games and toys that you can build in your wood shop. This is a terrific way to showcase your woodworking skills for projects that you can give to your friends and family as gifts.


Bathroom Cabinet

Cabinets, whether for use in a kitchen, bathroom, garage or storage room, don't have to be merely wooden storage boxes. There are many ways to make cabinets that are functional, innovative and attractive. In this section, we discuss a number of types of cabinetry and how to build them strong enough to last, but beautiful enough to show off your woodworking skills.


Hardwood Bread Tray

Woodworking isn't restricted to furniture and cabinetry. In this section, we have free woodworking plans for building a number of projects for use in your kitchen. These are fun woodworking projects that are unique and not only show off your woodworking skills, but are very useful in the kitchen.


Computer Monitor Riser

In this section, we have free woodworking plans, including the measured drawings, for woodworking projects best suited for your office or study. As with many of our other projects, these are not only functional, but will show off your woodworking ability with a beautifully finished piece.

Yard and Garden

Bamboo Wind Chime

Woodworking projects aren't just confined to be used indoors. In this section, we have free woodworking plans that are designed exclusively for use in your yard, garden or on your deck or patio. Each set of free woodworking plans includes a measured drawing that you can download, print and take to the wood shop to help with the woodworking.

Wood Shop Accessories

Portable Miter Saw Stand

While you'll probably buy most of the woodworking tools in your wood shop, there are a number of jigs, stands, tables and accessories that would probably be better suited for your needs if you built them rather than bought them. In this section, we have a number of free woodworking plans for accessories that you'll use often in your wood shop.

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