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Modular Wine Rack Plans
Wine Rack in use

Wine Rack

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A wine rack is a very common beginner's woodworking project. However, I think this particular modular wine rack is an enjoyable project for any woodworker, as it requires making some curved cuts and dadoes. For such a simple project, numerous people have commented on just how attractive the rack becomes when a few are stacked together and filled with wine. Because of it's sturdy, yet modular design, there really isn't much of a limit as to how many units can be assembled on top of one another. In the picture above, we have stacked five of the units together to hold 30 bottles.

You can use almost any wood you like to build these free woodworking plans, but keep in mind that the sides require one-inch thick stock. This means either buying 2x stock and planing it down, or purchasing 4/4 stock at a fine woodworking supplier, which will restrict your choices of stock to those species available in 4/4 at the time of your purchase.

Download the Free Woodworking Plans to build this modular wine rack (PDF).
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