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Begin the Leg Assemblies
Compound Cuts for the Legs

Compound Cuts for the Legs

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With the saw table complete, we'll turn our attention to building the two leg assemblies to support the stand. This step is a bit tricky, so work carefully and double-check your measurements before beginning any cut. The top cut of each of the four legs needs to be cut as shown on page 4 of the free woodworking plans you downloaded in step 1.

Using your miter saw, cut four pieces of 2x4 (treated) to 40" in length. Then, adjust your compound miter saw for a 20-degree miter (to the left) with a about a 7-degree (angled to the left) bevel. Set a stock support directly in front of the miter saw.

Using your combination square, align one 2x4 on edge perpendicular to the miter saw's fence. Hold the piece securely with your hands well away from the blade, remove the combination square and cut the compound miter on the leg (as shown above). It would be advisable to secure the piece of stock with a clamp, as the turning of the blade may try to slide the piece as it is being cut. Cut two of the four legs in this manner.

To cut the bottom of the leg, measure 32" from the long point and make a mark. Position the stock against the fence, on edge with the longest point on the top-back spot. Adjust the bevel to 15-degrees left an cross-cut the leg at the mark. This should allow the bottom of the leg to sit flat on the ground when the assembly is in place. Repeat with the other leg.

Next, rotate the miter to 20-degrees right and the bevel to 7-degrees right. Cut the tops of the other two legs in the exact same manner (positioned perpendicular to the fence). Then adjust the bevel to 15-degrees right, and cut the bottoms of the two legs at the same length as the first two legs.

TIP: Cutting the legs to 32" in length will put the cutting surface of the miter saw at about 34" off of the ground. Adjust the leg length accordingly for a higher cutting surface.
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