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Build the Table Support Boxes
Building Table Support Boxes

Building Table Support Boxes

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To begin building our miter saw stand plans, we need to make the support structure beneath the saw table. The saw sits on a piece of melamine-covered particle board, which in turn, is attached to two box-like structures made from pressure-treated lumber.

Using your miter saw (with some temporary stock supports), cut four lengths of pressure-treated 2x6 at 31 inches long for the sides. Cut four more at 10-1/4" for the ends and two at 7-1/4" for center supports.

As shown on the first page of the free woodworking plans you downloaded in step 1, butt one of the end pieces to the end of one of the side pieces and attach using some 2-1/2" deck screws. Connect the opposite side piece to the other side of the end piece. Then, attach the other end in the same manner. Finally, place one of the center pieces exactly in the middle between the sides and connect with deck screws.

Repeat with the remaining pieces to create a second box structure.
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