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Build a Wine Rack with Built-in Wine Glass Storage


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Make the Wine Glass Racks
Cutting the Small Shelf

Cutting the Small Shelf

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Next, we'll focus on making the wine glass racks. This step can be a bit subjective, however, based on the size of the glasses you intend to house in the wine glass racks. Some glasses have a rather narrow base, where others have an exceptionally wide base. If your glasses have a wider base, you may need to adjust the width of the racks to accommodate the wider glasses. For this prototype, we assumed that the base of the glasses would not exceed 2-1/2" in diameter.

TIP: Keep in mind that if you adjust the width of the wine glass racks, you'll need to make appropriate adjustments in the widths of the wine racks in the upcoming steps.

Begin by cutting a piece of 1x12 to 9-1/4" in length and then rip it to 10-1/4" wide. This piece will serve as the shelf that will hold the lower wine glass racks.

Next, we'll cut the lower portions of the wine glass racks. You'll need two pieces 10-1/4" long by 3" wide, and four more 10-1/4" long pieces at 2" wide. You'll also need six 10-1/4" pieces cut at 1" in width. These six pieces will act as spacers between the shelf above and the rack below.

Before we move on, we'll want to cut some angles on the front ends of the lower rack parts. Set up your miter saw or radial arm saw to a 30-degree miter (to the right). Clamp a stop block against the fence 10" to the left of the point where the blade intersects the fence. Using one of the two 3" lower rack pieces, place the stock flat against the table with the edge that will become the back of the rack piece against the stop block and cut the miter. This should give you a miter that is 1/4" deep and 3/4" across the front face of the rack piece.

Flip the piece over and cut the opposite front edge. Then, make the same two cuts on the other 3" piece.

Finally, make one miter cut on the front edge of the four 2" wide pieces of stock.
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