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Build a Wine Rack with Built-in Wine Glass Storage


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Free Wood Working Plans
Wine Rack with Built-in Wine Glass Storage

Wine Rack with Built-in Wine Glass Storage

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A wine rack can be a very nice addition to any kitchen. In this set of free woodworking plans, we take the traditional wine rack one step further.

We've designed a wine rack that holds 13 bottles of wine, but it also contains a wine glass rack that will easily hold twelve wine glasses. The unit is perfectly suited for placing on top of a refrigerator, as shown in the picture on this page.

This unit can be built using pretty much any type of wood you'd like, and can be stained or painted. In the case of the prototype you'll see as you go through the plans, we were fortunate enough to procure some nice material that was "rescued" from a local restaurant as it was being gutted for remodeling.

If you choose to paint the wine rack, poplar or pine would be a good choice, but if you would prefer to stain the unit, try maple or oak for a nice finish. You'll want to paint or stain the unit before assembly, as it will be a bit difficult to finish the wood after the unit has been fully assembled.

This is a fun woodworking project to build, and one that will certainly become a conversation piece in your kitchen for years to come.

Download the Free Woodworking Plans to build this Wine Rack with built-in Wine Glass Storage (PDF).
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