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Tall Oak Mirror Woodworking Plans


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Cut the Pocket Holes
Cutting the Pocket Holes

Cutting the Pocket Holes

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To join the rails to the stiles of these free woodworking plans, we'll use pocket joinery. To cut the pocket holes, we'll use a special pocket hole-cutting jig.

This type of jig is easy to use and is perfectly suited for creating pocket joints. When used properly, the pocket holes will be pre-drilled at exactly the right angle and depth to accommodate a special self-tapping screw and give a strong connection between the rail and stile.

Following the instructions that accompany your pocket jig, cut three evenly-spaced holes in each edge of the back face (the side opposite the chamfer that you cut in the second step). As such, you'll cut six pocket holes in the backs of each rail, as shown in the picture above.
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