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How to Build Slab-Style Cabinet Doors
Unfinished Slab-Style Cabinet Door

Unfinished Slab-Style Cabinet Door

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The quickest way to refurbish the look of a kitchen is to re-finish the faces of the cabinets and replace the cabinet doors. Depending on the style of doors you wish to use, the costs can range from quite expensive to surprisingly inexpensive.

Probably the most inexpensive (and versatile) style of cabinet door is the slab. While slab-style cabinet doors can be built from plywood or melamine (with the edges banded), it is relatively simple to build slab doors from solid wood. They can be finished with paint, stain followed by polyurethane, or any other finish you deem appropriate.

In this set of free woodworking plans, learn how to build slab-style cabinet doors from any solid wood of your choice. For our example, I chose a knotty pine, mainly because I think the knots will look good stained, but you can choose pretty much any solid wood you like and adapt accordingly.

Keep in mind that solid wood tends to move with fluctuations in humidity, so your doors may expand or contract seasonally. Try to take this into account when you determine the sizes for your doors. To learn more, read this article on Allowing for Expansion and Contraction.

In this example, I'll be building a door measuring 13" x 13" using 1x6 pine. You will want to choose your species and measurements according to the sizes of doors you want to build.

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