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Assemble the Sides of the Chair
Assembling the Chair Sides

Assembling the Chair Sides

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With the base completed, we'll turn our attention to the Adirondack chair structure of the loveseat glider rocker.

Using your circular saw or compound miter saw, cut two 2x4 boards at 22-1/8" (for the bottom pieces), three at 20" (for the seat supports) and another two at 28" (for the front). Then, cut two pieces at 29" in length (from long point to short point) at a 15-degree angle miter on each end (as shown on Page 4 of the Free Plans you downloaded in step 1).

Next, switch to your band saw, and make a 3-1/2" radius cut on each end of the two boards for the bottom pieces (as shown on page 4). Then, lay out and cut the angles on the three seat supports as shown on the diagram on Page 5 of the plans. Note: Be sure to cut these three as accurately as possible, as all three will work together to hold the seat slats at the proper positions for comfortable sitting.

Now, return to your table saw with a stacked dado blade set to cut half-lap joints in the two bottom pieces, and the bottoms of the front and back pieces. Notice that the half-lap for the back pieces will be cut at a matching 15-degree angle.

To assemble each side section of the chair, connect the pieces at their respective half-lap joints using woodworking glue and some 1-1/4" deck screws. Then, using some 2-1/2" deck screws, attach one of the seat slat support pieces at the appropriate height on the inside of each end as shown on page 4 of the plans. Note: Keep in mind that on the right side of the chair, this support will be on the left side (or inside) and on the left side of the chair, the support will be on the right side (again, on the inside as the two ends face each other).
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