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How to Make Louvered Doors & Window Shutters


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Louvered Window Cover

Louvered Window Cover

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Louvers, in installations such as louvered doors or window shutters, are an attractive way to provide privacy and security while allowing for the free-flow of air on both sides of the louvers. Many people will buy louvered bi-fold doors for closets or position them as a screen for a dressing area.

What many woodworkers don't realize is just how easy it is to make louvers. The key is in a jig for use with your router, as a proper router jig will make it quite simple to align your louvers evenly.

In this set of free woodworking plans, we build a shutter for a window that is inconveniently positioned in a shower enclosure. However, the same principle is easily adapted for any interior door or exterior wood shutter, using the same mortise and tenon joinery for the rails and stiles.

Download the Free Woodworking Plans to build a set of Louvers (PDF). Please note that these plans are more of a guideline on how to build louvers that will fit your particular installation, and not a typical complete set of measured drawings (as the object sizes in the plans will need to be adapted to the dimensions of your particular installation).

To build these louvers, you'll also need to download the Louver Jig Plans to build the router jig required to make your set of Louvers (PDF).
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