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Build a Knick Knack Shelf


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Knick Knack Shelf Plans - Free Woodworking Plans for a Knick Knack Shelf
Wooden Knick Knack Shelf

Wooden Knick Knack Shelf

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Everyone has a number of prized possessions that could be considered as knick knacks: trophies, china plates, statuettes of animals, dragons, wizards or angels, or any kind of mementos acquired on a special vacation. No matter what type of sentimental items you prefer, you need an appropriate way to display these items. Frankly, there is no better way to display your collectibles as well as show off your woodworking skills than with a wooden knick knack shelf.

In these free woodworking plans, we walk you step-by-step through building just such a shelf. While the unit is relatively basic, using very few mechanical fasteners, it is a fun project to build, and will show off your knick knacks as well as your woodworking skills.

These free knick knack shelf plans can be built using pretty much any species of wood of your choosing. However, the unit requires some shaker pegs below the bottom shelf, so if you plan to buy the pegs rather than turn them yourself on a woodworking lathe, you'll want to use the same variety of wood stock for the shelves and standards as the pegs.

Download the Free Woodworking Plans to build this knick knack shelf (PDF).

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