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Plans to Build a Craft Storage Center (with an optional Ironing Board)


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Craft Storage Center

Craft Storage Center

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Our About.com Sewing Guide, Debbie Colgrove, recently wrote regarding a simple shelving system she and her husband installed in her sewing room. This basic shelving system uses plastic storage boxes to store fabric and other accessories. She mentioned that she's had so many requests from readers for information on how to build the shelving unit that she asked me if I'd put together a set of free woodworking plans to show how to build the system.

In taking a look at her pictures and reading her description, I found that this simple craft storage system would also be a good opportunity to teach some basic woodworking skills. The storage center system is really a simple set of shelves and dividers, but, of course, I had to add my own touch.

As a result, these free woodworking plans also include an option to add a fold-down ironing board that tucks up out of the way when not in use, but still allows for easy access to all of the cubby holes.

One important point: if this system is built precisely as drawn in the downloadable free woodworking plans (and shown in the pictures), at least one of the two standards (the tall sides of the unit) must be screwed securely to wall studs. Otherwise, I'd strongly advise attaching a couple of sheets of 1/4" or 1/2" plywood to the back of the unit to provide some lateral strength.

You might also consider some screen mold to cover the exposed plywood edges.

Download the Free Woodworking Plans (PDF) to build this Craft Storage Center (with optional Ironing Board).

Difficulty Level
  • Woodworking: Easy
  • Finishing: Paint, Stain or none

  • Time to Complete
  • 3-4 Hours

  • Recommended Tools
  • Table Saw or Circular Saw

  • Materials Needed
  • 6 - 3/4" sanded Plywood
  • 1 - 2x4 x 4'
  • 1 - 12" Piano Hinge
  • 1 - 2" Hinge
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Framing Square
  • Woodworking Glue
  • 1-1/4" Wood Screws
  • 4d Finish Nails or Pneumatic Finish Nailer
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