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Clay Pot Hanger

Clay Pot Hanger

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When spring is approaching, and gardeners begin to get the itch to get outside in the yard and garden, many start a number of plants in the house in clay pots. Of course, once it is warm enough to set the plants outdoors, the question becomes one of whether to transplant all of the plants that have been started, or leave them in the clay pots.

Well, for any gardener desiring to leave some of their plants in the pots, this set of free woodworking plans is perfect. It is a hanging clay pot holder that can securely hold four clay pots of up to 8" in diameter. These four pots will simply hang in the slots you cut into the clay pot hanger, and gravity will hold them in place.

Best of all, this clay pot hanger is about as simple of a woodworking project as one could devise. It is made from a single 42" piece of 1x4, and the only tools required are a drill (corded or cordless) with 1/2" and 1" diameter bits, and a jigsaw. Of course, a sander (or sheets of sandpaper) to clean up the woodwork would be a good idea, and for some, a router to ease the edges would be a nice touch, but not required.

No matter how fancy you choose to make your clay pot hanger, it will securely display your clay pots in a very attractive manner, one that will show off not only your gardening skills, but your prowess in the woodshop as well!

Download the Free Woodworking Plans to build this Clay Pot Hanger (PDF).

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