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How to Build a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet


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Finish and Final Assembly
Attaching the Drawer Slides

Attaching the Drawer Slides

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At this point, the woodworking is essentially complete, and it's time to apply the finish of our choice.

Whether you choose to stain or paint this project, the first thing we need to do is to fill all of the finish nail holes. Place a dab of wood putty or other wood filler into each nail hole. Once the filler has dried completely, sand the raised filler until it is flush with the stock.

Wipe the entire assembly free of sawdust and apply your finish of choice. Because the cabinet will be exposed to higher than normal levels of humidity in a bathroom, be sure to finish all sides and edges of the cabinet, doors and drawer thoroughly to protect the wood from moisture.

Once the cabinet carcase, doors and drawer have been finished completely, attach the drawer slides to the drawer assembly and the insides of the drawer space of the cabinet carcase. Insert the drawer and check to see that it glides smoothly and closes properly.

Next, connect the two doors to the carcase using two European-style hinges on each door. Follow the instructions that accompany the hinges for the proper steps for drilling, installing and adjusting the hinges.

TIP: Once again, because of the excess moisture, it might be advisable to paint (or seal) the rather large holes that are necessary to accommodate the hinges. This step may be a bit of overkill, but I believe it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to moisture and wood.

Once the doors have been attached and have been adjusted to open and close properly, we have but one final step: attaching the handles. You'll need at least three handles of your choosing, one for each door and one (or two) for the drawer. Place the handles in the locations of your choice and attach with the included screws.

When installing the cabinet, use a few long screws to secure the cabinet back into studs in the bathroom wall.
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