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Tie the Tubes to the Chime
Tying the Wind Chimes

Tying the Wind Chimes

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The begin the last step of these free woodworking plans, cut five pieces of 30-pound monofilament fishing line at 24". Snake one line through the two holes of each of the tubes. Then with the largest tube aligned with the circular base, feed each end of the line through the appropriate holes. Pull the line until the base is firmly against the bottom of the hardwood base, and even out the two ends of the string. Tie the two ends together four inches up from the top of the base with a double square knot. Trim the loose ends and secure the knot with a drop of super glue. Repeat with the other four tubes.

Next, cut a 84" long piece of monofilament line. Tie one end to the metal O-ring. Next, feed the other end of the line through one of the ten holes around the perimeter of the chime until the O-ring is about six inches above the base. Working clockwise, feed the line back up through the next hole, through the O-ring and back down through the third hole. Continue feeding the line up and down around the perimeter of the base, through the O-ring on every up-feed. After the tenth hole, tie the string to the O-ring after making sure that all ten lines to the base are even and the O-ring centered above the base. Once again, place a drop of super glue on the knot to hold it permanently.

Next, cut a 60" long piece of line and tie it to the O-ring (be sure to glue the knot). Feed this section down through the center hole of the base. Next, feed this line through the center hole in the striker and tie a washer to the line at the height where you'd like the striker to stay. Finally, tie the bottom end of the line through the hole in the wind catcher, glue the knot and cut off any extra line.

Your new bamboo wind chime is ready to hang and enjoy!
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