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Free Woodworking Plans and Designs

Are you looking for free woodworking plans? Look no further! Each of the free woodworking plans listed here contain numerous dimensioned drawings to make building the project easier.
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  2. Kitchen Woodworking Projects (7)
  3. Outdoor Project Plans (9)
  4. Woodshop Accessory Plans (9)

Free Woodworking Plans - Image Gallery
This image gallery contains pictures of all of the About.com Free Woodworking Plans. Click on any image to see the step-by-step instructions for building these woodworking projects in your workshop.

Free Woodworking Plans for Furniture
Are you looking for a set of free woodworking plans for building a piece of furniture or accessories for your living room, bedroom or office? Check out this list of woodworking furniture plans, including a pair of modular coffee tables, a set of plans to build an under-window bookcase, an Adirondack loveseat glider rocker and more. Each set of...

Plans to Build a Craft Storage Center (with an optional Ironing Board)
If you need a set of shelves for storing some relatively lightweight items (such as fabric in a sewing room), check out these free woodworking plans to build a craft storage center. We've included an optional folding ironing board in the measured drawing and bill of materials. Build your own craft storage center today!

Adirondack Loveseat Glider Rocker Plans
Free Plans to build an Adirondack Loveseat Glider Rocker. This set of free woodworking plans takes you step-by-step through building a two-person love seat glider rocker based on a very comfortable Adirondack chair style. Since it is a loveseat built for two, this glider rocker is perfect for your deck, patio or front porch. Download the free...

Tall Oak Mirror Woodworking Plans
Download this set of free woodworking plans, and learn how to build a very attractive tall oak mirror in your woodshop. The plans include a set of detailed drawings and step-by-step comments that detail everything you need to know to build a full-length oak-frame mirror. Download the plans and build this woodworking project today!

Oak Book Stand - Free Woodworking Plans
Coffee Table books are commonly revered for their terrific photography and handsome layout. While these books look great flat on a table, they look even more impressive when displayed on a book stand. In this set of free woodworking plans, we show you how to build an oak book stand that you'll be proud to use to display your books. They are...

Build a Modular Coffee Table
Looking to build something for your living room? Try these modular coffee table plans. Two coffee tables can be placed together in a number of varied arrangements or placed separately for use as end tables. Download the free woodworking plans and build a pair of these modular coffee tables for your living room today!

Build a Knick Knack Shelf
In these set of free woodworking plans, we take you step by step through building an attractive knick knack shelf. This woodworking project can be completed in only a few hours, and will show off your knick-knacks as well as your woodworking skills.

Make a Riser For Your Computer Monitors
In the interest of ergonomics, sometimes computer monitors need to be raised a few inches so that the user is looking straight ahead instead of downward. Rather than using a box or stack of phone books, why not build this beautiful hardwood computer monitor riser, equipped with two dovetailed storage drawers.

Build an Under-Window Bookcase
In building a bookcase, woodworkers use the same basic principles they would use when building cabinets. In these free bookcase plans, you'll learn how to make beautiful oak or pine bookcases while employing standard cabinet building techniques. With these free woodworking plans, you'll build a piece of furniture you'll be proud to display in...

Free Woodworking Plans for Outdoor Projects
The backyard is a great place to show off your woodworking skills. Each of these sets of free woodworking plans are for projects you can use in your backyard or on your deck or patio. Each set of free woodworking plans includes a measured drawing and a cut list (bill of materials), along with pictures of the building process and step-by-step...

WoodNet Woodworking Plans
WoodNet.com offers a very impressive number of projects for woodworkers, both paid and free woodworking plans.

Photo Gallery of Fine Furniture
In this gallery of fine furniture, find pictures of unique and inspirational pieces of fine furniture and antique furniture from around the world. Some of these pieces are new creations, while others are hundreds of years old. Have a photo of a piece of fine furniture you'd like to add to the gallery? Submit it to the About Woodworking Guide!

Woodworking Plans from WoodZone
WoodZone.com has quite an impressive assortment of plans available on their site, and nearly all are less than $15 in price.

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