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How to use a Featherboard
With the table saw turned off, place the stock to be cut firmly against the fence near the blade. Position the featherboard flat on the table with the fingers firmly against the stock, positioned between you and the saw blade so as to avoid kickback. Its important to note that the short side of the featherboard should be facing you. If the long side of the featherboard faces the operator, the stock may bind and will not slide smoothly through the saw.

Once the featherboard is positioned properly, clamp it in place using one or two small clamps. Another featherboard can be clamped in a similar fashion on the fence to hold the stock down to the table. In either case, the featherboard should hold the stock firmly, but allow for smooth flow of the stock forward through the saw.

You have now completed the installation of your featherboard(s), and may proceed with running the stock through the saw or router safely and smoothly. Use a push stick when necessary.
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