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Woodworking Jigs - Make Your Own Featherboards


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Cut the stock to a proper size
Featherboard stock

12" x 5" x 3/4" Stock

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To begin making a featherboard, cut a clean piece of 3/4" stock (I prefer to use a scrap of 1x6, preferably from stock with less sap than pine) anywhere between 12-18" in length by 5-6" in width. In this example, we'll cut the stock down to 12" x 5" dimensions.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you can cut the stock to the length that is appropriate to your needs. In other words, if the clamping point on your saw, router table or jointer is more than twelve inches from the cutting head, you'll need make your featherboards longer. The dimensions mentioned above are merely a guideline for consistency throughout these plans on which you can base your needs and adjustments.

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