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Woodworking Clamp Reviews

Woodworking Clamps in a Variety of Sizes and Styles


There are a variety of styles of woodworking clamps that can be used to hold the parts of a woodworking project in place while you complete your work. These woodworking clamps are available in a number of sizes depending on your needs. After you read the reviews of each of these woodworking clamps, click on the Compare Prices link to find the best prices on the web.

1. Bessey Revo K-Body Clamp

Bessey Revo K-Body Clamp
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In revamping their signature clamp series, Bessey has a winner. The Bessey Revo K-Body Clamps are ideal for high-pressure clamping and spreading on woodworking projects. With an improved slip-resistant grip, glue resistant covers, removable tail pieces and optional tilting adaptors, the Revo K-Body Clamps will handle nearly any woodworking clamp task.

2. Irwin Quick Grip Clamps

Irwin Quick Grip Woodworking Clamp
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If there is one axiom that applies to all woodworkers, it is that we can never have enough clamps. For those woodworkers, we suggest checking out the Irwin Quick Grip woodworking clamps. In this woodworking tool review, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this one-hand operated woodworking tool.

3. Bessey U-Style LMU Bar Clamps

Bessey LMU Light-Duty Bar Clamp
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Bessey has been a leading manufacturer of woodworking clamps for years, and their new U-Style LMU Light-Duty Bar Clamps live up to their reputation for quality.  While there are advantages to this woodworking clamp that other models don't feature, this clamp isn't acceptable for every woodworking task. However, it certainly does what it is designed to do quite well.

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4. Alpha-Clamp by Lowell Thomas Tool

Alpha-Clamp by Lowell Thomas Tool
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The Alpha-Clamp by the Lowell Thomas Tool company from Bozeman, MT, is about as versatile of a bar clamp as I've ever used. The same 18" bar clamp can be used as a c-clamp, a spreader, a floor-standing clamp or jack and even a hanging lift. Covered by a lifetime defect warranty and made in the USA, this is one versatile, well-built woodworking clamp. Read the entire review of the Alpha-Clamp.

5. Dremel Ratchet Clamps

Dremel Ratchet Clamps
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Dremel has been known for their rotary cutting tool for years, but Dremel also makes a line of woodworking clamps. In this woodworking tool review, we test both the model 2515 (30mm max jaw opening) and the model 2520 (50mm max) ratchet clamps. Learn how these two locking clamps can help with your woodworking projects.

6. Dremel Bar Clamps

Dremel Bar Clamp
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The Dremel 2505 Bar Clamp is a very unique, small bar clamp. It seems quite strong for it's miniature size, the clamping mechanism holds quite well, and the unit can be converted to a mini-spreader as well as used as a clamp. However, with only a 4-1/4" maximum opening, the unit can only be used for very small woodworking projects.

7. Rockwell Jawhorse Workbench

Rockwell Jawhorse
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One advantage that woodworkers have over carpenters on a construction site is a heavy duty workbench with a vise. The Rockwell Jawhorse Workbench has eliminated that advantage. The portable, sturdy Rockwell Jawhorse Workbench is perfect for the job site: strong, durable and heavy-duty. Learn the advantages of the Rockwell Jawhorse Workbench in this Woodworking Review.

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