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Bessey Revo K-Body Clamps

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Bessey Revo K-Body Clamp

Bessey Revo K-Body Clamp

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The Bottom Line

Bessey has been one of the most trusted names in clamps since they introduced their first cast iron bar clamp in 1936. Their line of clamps has made significant improvements over the years, and the Bessey Revo K-Body Clamps are the best yet. These updated clamps sport a larger, more comfortable, non-slip grip handle, jaw covers that are resistant to paint, solvents and glue, rail-protection pieces to help keep the rails off of your work, and an innovative optional tilting adapter that makes clamping odd angles a snap.

While these clamps aren't cheap, they're well made and should last a woodworker many years.
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  • Large, slip-resistant grip on handles makes tightening clamp easier
  • Removable pressure caps on jaws are resistant to glue, paint, solvents, etc.
  • Optional Tilting Adapter add-on perfect for clamping difficult angles up to 15-degrees


  • A little pricey, so outfitting your shop with a bunch of clamps will be a bit costly


  • Moveable jaw stays perpendicular to the rail, but slides easily when adjusting the clamp. A beautifully precise design.
  • Rail protection pieces hold the work away from the rails, which will protect the workpiece plus help keep glue off the rails.
  • The larger clamp handle on the new Revo K-Body Clamp allows for considerable torque on the workpiece with limited effort.

Guide Review - Bessey Revo K-Body Clamps

With one look at the Bessey Revo K-Body Clamps, the first word that came to mind for me was precision. The hardened steel rails with even, well-formed ridges on the top allow both jaws of the clamp to hold securely, both when clamping and, when the jaws are turned to face opposite each other, spreading. The moveable head locks automatically, but the face remains perpendicular to the rail all along the nearly four inches of clamping space on the jaw above the rail.

These clamps can be purchased in varying lengths (from 12 to 60 inch rails), but can also be lengthened using the optional bolt-on K-Body Clamp Extender. Using the extender does allow two (or more) bolted rails to flex a little at the joint, but it's a very usable solution when extra-long clamps are needed. For normal use, a longer single-rail clamp would be much stronger than two shorter clamps bolted together.
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