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Wood Turning

Would you like to learn wood turning? From beginner's instructions to tips and tricks for the advanced wood turner, we've got you covered here.

Learn the Basics of Wood Turning
Watching an experienced wood turner develop and form an exquisite bowl, spindle or other turning from a block of raw wood can be an inspiring, and in some cases, intimidating sight. But learning the basics of wood turning isn't difficult. After you know how to use your lathe safely, and techniques for using each tool, it becomes a matter of...

Woodturning 101
Woodturning can be a very enjoyable hobby (one that is often considered separately from fine woodworking), and if the novice focuses on developing the fundamental basics of woodturning, it can be a very safe hobby too. The same woodturning techniques used to turn spindles such as table legs, bed posts or finials can be applied to turning bowls,...

How to Buy and Use a Wood Lathe
Wood turning is a popular aspect of woodworking. All you really need is a good lathe and some sharp hand tools to get started. Learn about wood lathes and what to look for when you buy one.

Wood Turning Safety and Safety Equipment
When wood turning on a lathe, as with other woodworking tools, safety should be the woodworker's first concern. Learn the special precautions one should keep in mind when wood turning, to make wood turning fun and safe.

The Profiles Used in Turning Spindles
In turning wooden spindles on a lathe, there are a handful of basic profiles that can be combined to create some pretty artistic spindle designs. Nearly all spindles are created using a combination of square or v-grooves, fillets and coves. Here are the profiles most commonly used in wood turning spindles.

How to Use a Roughing Gouge
In creating nearly every spindle or bowl that is turned on a lathe, the first tool used is probably a roughing gouge. This curved chisel is often used to round a square blank before more intricate work can begin. If proper technique is applied, the roughing gouge is a safe and fun tool to use. Learn how to use a roughing gouge in this...

How to Use a Parting Tool
The most common use for a parting tool in woodturning is to separate a finished turning from the rest of the un-turned stock, cutting off the part, if you will. It's not a one-trick pony, though, as parting tools can be used for other turning tasks, such as cutting square-grooves in spindles. Learn how to properly and safely use a parting tool...

How to Use a Skew Chisel
A skew chisel is a woodturning tool that is commonly used for making square-shaped grooves in a spindle (although it has plenty of other uses as well, such as creating rolling beads, v-grooves and can even be used for smoothing or planing a profile). It is also one of the more dangerous turning tools, so proper technique must be applied to use...

How to Turn Hammer Handles
Wood turning can be a lot more than just round objects like spindles and bowls. Did you know that you can turn oblong hammer handles on a lathe? Instead of buying a new wooden hammer handle the next time one breaks, cut one of your own on your lathe using these simple tips.

How to Turn a Gavel
When Larry Hancock was asked to create some gavel samples for the Oklahoma House of Representatives, he didn't know what size to build. In this article, he shows you how to turn the gavels that he made for the State House.

Bowl Turning Basics
Bowl turning is among the most popular of woodworking activities. Learn the basics of this enjoyable aspect of woodworking by turning a simple bowl.

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