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Woodworking Tools - Power Tools, Hand Tools and Woodworking Machinery


There is an axiom that says that a woodworker is only as good as his tools. Learn how to use the various types of woodworking tools (power tools, hand woodworking tools, wood turning lathes, woodworking machinery, jigs and accessories) to improve your skills and much more.
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Power Tools

Compound Miter Saw

Most modern woodworkers utilize a variety of power tools. Today's power tools are lightweight, fast and include a number of safety features that make short work of many woodworking tasks. In this section, we discuss these power woodworking tools, including how and when to use them.

Woodworking Machinery

Cutting Stock with a Band Saw

While power tools are commonplace in most modern wood shops, the workhorses of the shop are the woodworking machinery. These machines include table saws, band saws, radial arm saws, and many more. These woodworking machines are designed to be relatively stationary in the shop, and typically have much larger motors than their portable cousins. In this section, we discuss these woodworking machines and how to use them properly.

Hand Woodworking Tools

Japanese Back Saw

While power woodworking tools are commonly used today, there are still some tasks that are best accomplished with hand tools. In this section, we discuss a number of hand woodworking tools and how to best utilize these tools in your woodworking projects.

Blades and Bits

Saw Blades

Power woodworking tools and machinery, including saws, routers, jointers, planers and drills, all need sharp bits and/or blades. Your woodworking tool will be very inefficient without a sharp blade or bit. In this section, we discuss blades, bits and the proper methods for using, storing and sharpening them.

Jigs & Accessories

Using a Cross-Cut Jig

Many woodworking tasks can be made easier through the use of woodworking jigs and other accessories. In this section, we detail a number of woodworking jigs that can be used to assist with your tools, as well as accessories to make your woodworking tasks more accurate, safer and easier.

Woodworking Tool Reviews

Milwaukee 5616 Router Kit

In this section, we have tested a number of woodworking tools, including routers, band saws, compound miter saws and more. Many of these reviews include links where you can find the best prices on the internet for the particular tool.

Woodworking Accessory Reviews

Pocket Hole Jig

There are a myriad of woodworking accessories that have been developed to help make woodworking safer, easier and more efficient. These accessories include jigs for building consistent woodworking joints and tools to assist the woodworker in completing projects. In this section, we review a number of these woodworking accessories.

Woodworking Media Reviews

Woodworking Magazines

If you're looking to improve your woodworking abilities, there are plenty of materials available to help you learn and hone your skills. In this section, we review a number of these woodworking books, multimedia and educational materials.

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