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Review of the Festool CT 22 E Mobile Dust Extractor

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Festool CT 22 E Mobile Dust Extractor

Festool Mobile Dust Extractor

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The Bottom Line

Most woodworkers don't spend a lot of time thinking about features in a shop vacuum, but the Festool line of HEPA mobile dust extractors are full of useful features that woodworkers should consider. The unit is quiet and very effective at picking up from large chips to fine sawdust. It rolls around the shop without tipping over, has adjustable speed and a handy blower feature. This is one tool that I would love to use on a daily basis, and one that I certainly didn't expect I'd like as much as I did. It is a bit pricey, but to me, the features certainly justify the cost.
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  • Pretty quiet compared to other shop vacuums
  • Very stable wheeled base for dragging around the shop
  • Auto-start feature with switching outlet is a nice touch


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  • The unit is easy to open for changing bags, which have a plastic cap to close the dust port opening, a thoughtful feature.
  • Plug your power tool into the power port and set the unit's switch to auto. Turning on the power tool will turn on the vac.
  • While the unit comes with a hose, you can use hoses from other vacs or dust extraction systems as well.
  • Comes with a very long power cord, also a thoughtful touch.

Guide Review - Review of the Festool CT 22 E Mobile Dust Extractor

While we specifically tested the CT 22 E Mobile Dust Extractor, Festool offers a few different models, so check the feature list if you're looking to purchase one of the other models to see where it varies from this one.

The CT 22 E was an absolute pleasure to use. It was relatively quiet (as far as shop vacuums are concerned), offered considerable suction for picking up chips and fine dust, and the stable base allowed the unit to roll around the shop without tipping over.

Festool obviously put a lot of thought into this system. Handy features include an extra long power cord, variable speed, a blower outlet, and an auto switch tied to an onboard power outlet that any power tool can be plugged into. Turning on the power tool will turn on the vacuum at the same time.

What really amazed me was when I opened the unit to change the dust bag. The interior of the unit was almost completely devoid of any loose dust particles, yet the bag was nearly full. Obviously, the bag system is very efficient. This is quite a departure from canister systems that are very messy when emptying.
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