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Build a Portable Shop Table


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Building the Base of the Table
Free Woodworking Plans - Building the Portable Table Base

Building the Portable Table Base

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To get started with this project, we need to build the base for the table. This is created using simple butt-joint construction. The table base is 92-inches by 44-inches in size.

1. Cut two (2) 2x4's to 89-inches in length. These are for the two long sides of the base.

2. Next, cut one 2x4 into two (2) 44-inch pieces. These are for the two ends of the table base.

3. Finally, you'll need to cut three (3) 41-inch pieces out of two more 2x4's. These will be for the three stringers to help give strength to the table top.

4. Using at least two 2-1/2 inch screws at every joint, assemble the table top as shown in the picture above. While exact placement of the stringers is not imperative, I placed them every 23-inches OC to make them evenly spaced.

5. Check to make sure the table top is square. To do this, measure across the base from one corner to the opposite corner diagonally, note the length, and then measure across the other two corners diagonally. If both lengths are equal, the base is square. If one is diagonal is longer than the other, move each of the two long sides of the base in opposite directions and measure again. Keep adjusting until the two diagonal measurements are equal.
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