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I like to do a lot of my woodworking outdoors, simply because I'm a bit limited for shop space. However, there are a couple of tools that I simply cannot move outdoors to use, such as the band saw or drill press. When working with these tools inside, I sometimes have an issue with poor lighting or shadows on the work piece. While this could be alleviated by adding some additional lighting to the room or using some portable drop lights where needed, there is another way to focus some light on your work: use a portable magnetic work light.

There are many varieties of this type of light available, from AC powered to battery-operated, using incandescent, fluorescent or LED-lamps, but the ideal version should be small, somewhat powerful and have a magnetic base. The magnetic base will attach to any steel surface, such as the upper wheel cover of your band saw. If you can find one with a goose neck, it can be adjusted to nearly any angle to suit your work lighting needs.

I've also seen some really innovative LED-based lights with the same features available from various sites on the internet of late. Many of these are battery-operated, yet they shine quite brightly and use less power than incandescent bulbs. Having one less cord when working with power tools is always a good idea.
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