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Woodworking Safety Glasses


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The first and foremost rule in woodworking is, "Always wear your safety glasses." Your eyesight is simply too important to take chances and do anything in the wood shop without wearing them. Develop the habit of putting on your safety glasses the moment you enter the workshop and don't take them off until you leave.

What's so Special About Safety Glasses?:

So, if you wear prescription glasses, you may be asking, "Why do I need special safety glasses? Why can't I just wear my regular glasses?"

There are three very important features of safety glasses:

1. The frames on safety glasses are stronger than typical glasses and are built to prevent the lenses from being pushed into the eyes.
2. Safety glasses have impact resistant lenses. If a large object were to hit you in the face, the last thing you want to deal with is a shattered lens being pushed toward your eye.

3. Safety glasses have side shields. Some safety glasses wrap around your face to prevent objects from being able to get to your eyes, while other safety glasses have clear, impact resistant side shields affixed to the frames. Either style is perfectly acceptable.
There are numerous styles of safety glasses, and in many cases, eyeglass manufacturers offer impact resistant prescription lenses. If you wear eyeglasses, this may be an option to discuss with your eye doctor. Additionally, many safety glasses have UV protection, which make them doubly advantageous when woodworking outdoors.
Whatever style you choose, always remember to put your safety glasses on when you enter the workshop. If you develop this habit from the outset, you'll actually feel somewhat "naked" if you try to do anything in the shop without them.
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