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Using your Woodworking Tools Safely

Woodworking is a potentially dangerous hobby. Most hand tools are very sharp, and power tools can cause serious injury, even death, when used improperly. By developing some good habits based on common sense rules, you can work safely in the wood shop.

Woodworking Safety Equipment - Using Your Woodworking Safety Equipment
Woodworking can be a dangerous hobby, but the danger can be diminished with consistent use of appropriate woodworking safety equipment. In this user answers, read and respond with any close calls that you might have had when you weren't wearing your woodworking safety equipment.

Safety Rules Every Woodworker Should Know
There are a few simple safety rules that every woodworker should always follow. Make safety a habit, and you'll be much less likely to encounter a problem when woodworking.

Safety Equipment for Woodworking in the Woodshop
There are a few basic pieces of safety equipment that every woodworker should use religiously. Developing the habit of using the safety equipment every time you work in the shop will help protect you from injury.

Twelve Table Saw Safety Tips
The table saw is the workhorse at the center of most woodshops. It is also widely regarded as one of the most dangerous power tools. With the proper precautions, the table saw can be much safer. Learn twelve table saw safety tips to help you operate your table saw safely and effectively.

Wood Turning Safety and Safety Equipment
When wood turning on a lathe, as with other woodworking tools, safety should be the woodworker's first concern. Learn the special precautions one should keep in mind when wood turning, to make wood turning fun and safe.

Woodworking Safety Glasses
Perhaps the most important safety rule of woodworking is to always wear safety glasses, no matter what task you're performing in the workshop. Your eyesight is too important to work without them. Learn what you should look for when buying a quality pair of safety glasses.

Hearing Protection
Another very important part of woodworking safety is to implement hearing protection when working with loud power tools such as planers and routers. Whether you choose ear plugs or full coverage ear muffs, it is important to protect your hearing. Learn the advantages of different types of hearing protection.

Wear Appropriate Clothing
When working in the wood shop, it is imperative that the woodworker be dressed appropriately. Loosely fitting clothing can easily get caught in power tools, which can lead to injury or even death. Learn the appropriate attire for safe woodworking.

Pressure Treated Wood Safety
For years, pressure-treated lumber was treated with an arsenic-based substance to help protect against moisture. In recent years, health concerns caused the United States' Environmental Protection Agency to convince lumber companies to change to a new, copper-based formula. However, is this new formula better? Learn about pressure treated wood...

Woodworking Workshop Lighting Tips
When laying out your woodworking shop, pay special attention to lighting. A well-lit shop should have consistent illumination on all work surfaces so you can use your woodworking tools from any angle without casting shadows.

Avoiding Drugs and Alcohol When Woodworking
One of the most obvious common sense woodworking rules is to never work when under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Learn the importance of this rule and how it can help you to avoid potential injury from woodworking while under the influence.

Choosing Proper Router Bit Speeds
Setting your woodworking router to the correct speed is absolutely necessary to work safely and achieve proper routing results, particularly when working with large diameter router bits. The general guideline is that the larger the bit, the slower the speed. In this woodworking article, you'll find a chart with guidelines for the maximum...

How to Change a Saw Blade
A saw will always cut better with a sharp blade. Learn how to easily change a saw blade on your table saw, compound miter saw or radial arm saw.

Tips for Using Your Band Saw Safely and Effectively
Among woodworking power tools, the band saw is probably one of the least dangerous. That isn't to say that you can't get hurt using a band saw, because without following proper safety precautions, you can absolutely be seriously hurt by a band saw. However, if you follow the safety precautions outlined in this article, you should greatly reduce...

Work Safely with Your Compound Miter Saw
The compound miter saw is a very easy tool to use, but can be dangerous if abused. The most common injuries with using a miter saw are injuries to the eyes and hands. By following these basic safety rules, you can greatly reduce your chance of injury when using your saw.

Using Your Radial Arm Saw Safely
While radial-arm saws are one of the most versatile tools, they can also be extremely dangerous. However, with proper understanding and use of the safety features on your radial-arm saw, you can greatly reduce the risk of injury. In this article, learn tips for using your radial arm safely, no matter whether you're ripping or cross-cutting with...

Should You Pull or Push Your Radial-Arm Saw?
When using your radial-arm saw, should you push or pull the saw through the wood? When cutting with any circular-motion saw, such as a table saw or circular saw, the motion of the stock or saw is against the circular motion of the blade. However, with a radial-arm saw, one could conceivably cut by pushing against the blade, or pulling with the...

How Accidents Happen
Here is some more common-sense reading to reinforce the importance of safety in the shop, with links to specific tool safety tips.

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