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Five Woodworking Gifts for Under $50

Great Woodworking Gift Ideas


Are you looking for an inexpensive gift for the woodworker on your list?

Check out these woodworking gift ideas, all of which cost less than $50.

DeWalt DWMTC15 Magnetic ToughCase

DeWalt DWMTC15 Magnetic ToughCase
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When designing the DeWalt DWMTC15 Magnetic ToughCase, the designers wanted to build a lightweight yet durable storage case for the myriad of bits and bit holders that seem to end up all over the bottom of a toolbox. However, they went one step further and added a pair of strong magnets into the lid of the case that secures the ToughCase to any steel surface while the case is opened, so you can easily access all of your bits. An innovative idea that works quite well, all at a very reasonable price.

Bessey Revo K-Body Bar Clamps

Bessey K-Body Revo Bar Clamp
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Bessey has been a trusted name in clamps for over sixty years. Their signature woodworking clamp has been updated and the result is the impressive Revo K-Body Bar Clamp. These clamps are available in bar lengths from 12-60 inches, and can be lengthened using the optional bolt-on K-Body Clamp Extender.

Irwin Quick Grip Woodworking Clamps

Irwin Quick Grip Woodworking Clamp
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Irwin's Quick Grip Woodworking Clamps offer a bit of a different twist on the traditional bar clamp. Instead of a twist grip, which often requires one hand to hold the clamp in place while the other tightens the jaw, Irwin's Quick Grip allows the woodworker to squeeze the handle with the same hand that holds the clamp in place. This is ideal for clamping jobs where one must hold the workpiece with one hand and clamp with the other. Irwin's Quick Grip comes in a range of sizes from 6-36" in length, and I'd recommend that every woodworker have a few, simply because of their one-handed ease of use.

ZEM by Sensgard Hearing Protector

ZEM by Sensgard Hearing Protection
(c)2008 Chris Baylor licensed to About.com, Inc.
Power woodworking tools are by and large a noisy lot. Continued use of loud woodworking power tools without adequate hearing protection can permanently damage one's ears. Unfortunately, most hearing protectors are bulky or uncomfortable, and don't allow one to carry on a normal conversation without removing the device. That's where the ZEM by Sensgard comes in. This lightweight hearing protection device uses a patented sound attenuating technology to allow voice recognition while filtering out damaging sounds. And it does it without electronics that require batteries. A pretty impressive device.

Bosch T308B Jigsaw Blades

Bosch T308B Jigsaw Blades
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Jigsaw blades might seem a bit low-key for a gift, but if the woodworker on your list has never tried these blades, then they're going to really be happy that they received them as a gift. These are no ordinary jigsaw blades. Their unique design allows for a clean cut on BOTH the upstroke and downstroke, leaving less sanding and cleanup behind than most other blades. A truly innovative jigsaw blade.

Painter's Pyramid

Painter's Pyramid
(c)2008 Chris Baylor licensed to About.com, Inc.
In my mind, this is a great "stocking stuffer" type of woodworking gift. Inexpensive, unique and very useful, the Painter's Pyramid is a set of ten strong, plastic, pyramid-shaped blocks one places under a woodworking project to hold it off of the table. The top point of the pyramid is rounded so as to avoid causing any damage to the piece, and allows the woodworker to finish right down to the bottom edge of the piece. A very handy woodworking accessory for finishing.
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