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The Bottom Line

Wood Magazine, from the publishers of Better Homes and Gardens, is a good resource for improving your skill as a woodworker, and appears to be a particularly good choice for beginners. While it isn't as polished as some other magazines on the rack, it is a very solid magazine packed with project plans and quality woodworking tips that provides a lot of value for the price, but doesn't seem to excel in any one area.
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  • A number of woodworking plans included in each issue
  • Accurate and comprehensive tool reviews
  • Useful tips and Q&A with the editors in each issue


  • Projects are typically a bit elementary


  • At least one of the woodworking plans in each issue includes a fold-out cutting pattern.
  • Published projects seem to be very solid pieces, but typically appear somewhat unrefined.
  • Tool Tips are generally comprehensive and accurate, without being overbearing.

Guide Review - Wood Magazine

Every issue contains a few different plans for woodworking projects, ranging from furniture for your house to projects for your shop. They do a very good job of describing the details of the project, not only in pictures, but also with detailed measured drawings, cutting diagrams and material lists. They even provide resources listing where to buy items (such as hardware) used in the project. Typically, there will be a pull-out wood pattern included for one of the projects.

Each issue includes a very useful "Woodworker's Marketplace" section in the back, which includes a lot of ads for locating some hard-to-find tools and hardware. The magazine also focuses a number of articles on woodworking techniques, teaching them in a helpful, easy-to-follow format.

Better Homes and Gardens' Wood Magazine is published seven times a year. The price is $6.99 on the newsstand, but yearly subscriptions are about $28. Visit the website for subscription information.
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