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PSI Woodworking PHJIG3 Pocket Hole Jig Review

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PSI Woodworking Pocket Hole Jig

PSI Woodoworking Pocket Hole Jig

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The Bottom Line

The PSI (Penn State Industries) Woodworking PHJIG3 Pocket Hole Jig is a very comparable and likely more durable pocket hole jig than models made from plastic. This unit is manufactured from machined aluminum with hardened steel bushings. The stepped positions for cutting various thicknesses of stock leaves no ambiguity, and the adjustments for different widths is quick and easy. While the instruction sheet could be more descriptive, the images on the back of the box are simple enough to guide anyone to mastery with this well-designed pocket hole jig in a matter of minutes. A very good tool at a great price.


  • All parts (except knobs and pads) made from machined aluminum and hardened steel
  • 5 preset positions for cutting 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" thick stock
  • Can use screws from other pocket jig manufacturers


  • Included instruction sheet not very clear - more descriptive instructions would be helpful


  • Cuts pocket joints for picture frames, T-joints, square corner joints, curve joints, post & rail joints and more.
  • Includes 11" face frame clamp, bench mount & portable jigs, 3/8" step drill bit w/stop collar, square drive bits and screws.
  • Easily adjusts for thinner and thicker material. No guess work.

Guide Review - PSI Woodworking PHJIG3 Pocket Hole Jig Review

With the increased popularity of pocket hole jigs in recent years, there have been a few different manufacturers who have developed pocket hole jigs, from simple to complex. Out of the pocket hole jigs that I've used, I've found the PHJIG3 to be the simplest to use, as well as the most well built. Other than the knobs and pads (for gripping the stock), all parts are manufactured from machined aluminum or hardened steel. There are no plastic parts that might be inclined to break if a tool is dropped on them.

Additionally, the jig is easy and quick to adjust. It takes a moment to get the hang of the adjustment mechanism, mainly because the instruction sheet is a bit hard-to-follow, but once the concept is mastered, this jig is so simple that a ten-year-old (with proper supervision, of course) could use it. The jig will easily make pocket joints for picture frames, mitered frame corner joints, square corner joints, T-joints, curve joints, post and rail joints and pretty much any other type of joint where a pocket joint is appropriate. Some screws are included with the unit, but pocket hole screws from any manufacturer can be used with the jig.

As we noted above, while the included instructions aren't as clear as we like, it should be noted that PSI does give away a free DVD that not only shows how to use the jig but also shows how to build an entire cabinet project.
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 5 out of 5
Look for CD ROM with Jig, Member marinerfh

I bought this jig and also thought the paper instructions poor. Then I looked at the CD ROM that came with it and was quite pleased with the information there. I can print plans out anytime I need to. When I had a question and emailed the factory, I received a phone call the next day from a very knowledgeable, English Speaking American who took nearly 20 minutes talking with me and answering questions. Great jig and excellent support. BTW, there are many good Pocket Jig instructional videos on YouTube.

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