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Woodworking Review of the Delta UNISAW

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The Bottom Line

When Delta set out to re-design their flagship product, the Delta UNISAW table saw, they did a very smart thing: they took their engineers out to the field and talked to woodworkers. Then they returned to their drawing boards, built prototypes with the features the woodworkers requested, and took those prototypes back to the field.

After three years of development, the new Delta UNISAW is very impressive. The controls are easy to access and accurate, the fence holds true and the safety features are among the best I've ever tested. While the saw is expensive, it's an investment in a well-built woodworking machine.
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  • Redesigned from the ground up after three years of focus groups with woodworkers
  • Contains a one-piece cast iron trunnion for improved accuracy
  • Both the blade height and the bevel angle controls are on the front of the cabinet
  • Includes a larger throat plate for easy blade changes


  • At a price in the $3200-3500 range, it might be a bit pricey for some woodworkers
  • Weighing in at over 500 pounds, expect a very stable saw, but don't plan on moving it very often


  • Includes an on-board storage system for accessories, push sticks, blades, etc.
  • Unique dual-port dust-collection system removes dust from the blade and cabinet simultaneously.
  • Will include a newly-redesigned Delta combination saw blade, push stick, blade wrench and instructional DVD.
  • Available as a 3HP model with 36-inch fence rails, 3HP with 52-inch rails and 5HP with 52-inch rails.
  • All three models will include an improved Biesemeyer fence, and will be covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

Guide Review - Woodworking Review of the Delta UNISAW

Delta's all-new UNISAW is the result of three years of "back to the drawing board" thinking. The result is a number of features that can only be described as innovative.

A good example is the speedometer-style blade bevel indicator. Instead of the standard "smiley" indicator found on most table saws, the Delta UNISAW features a bevel indicator that accurately displays the blade angle (within 1/2 a degree) much like the round speedometer on a car. The gears from the dual cranks on the front of the saw are sealed so sawdust won't interfere with the adjustment of the blade height or bevel angle. However, should an accuracy adjustment be necessary, the adjustment can be made from the front of the cabinet.

Another good example is the blade guard and riving knife. The release for the assembly is on the front of the cabinet, and the same riving knife can be used in the upper position with the split blade guard and anti-kickback pawls, or as a low-profile knife (without the guard and pawls). Switching between the two positions takes mere seconds.

A final feature that I'll mention that came out of the development process is that the UNISAW features what can be referred to as a "blade back" position. In other words, the blade is in a position a little further away from the operator than most saws, resulting in more table area in front of the blade. This is most helpful when cutting large sheet goods.

Thoughtful features such as these make the UNISAW a state-of-the-art table saw and an absolute delight to use.
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