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Grip-Rite GRTBN200 Brad Nailer Review

Reviews of Brad Nailers


Grip-Rite Brad Nailer

Grip-Rite Brad Nailer

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The Bottom Line

The Grip-Rite GRTBN200 Brad Nailer is a lightweight, very well-balanced pneumatic finish nailer that is really a pleasure to use. It includes both sequential and bump-fire triggers, has a 360-degree adjustable exhaust and weighs in at less than three pounds. The narrow nose allows for accurate nail placement even in tight quarters. The magazine holds up to 110 nails, and is quite easy to open/close when adding more fasteners. The nose is easy to open in the event of a jam, but in our extensive testing, we didn't jam the unit even once.

All-in-all, we found this brad nailer to be a very fine tool.

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  • Lightweight, very well balanced
  • Nail magazine is easy to open, load and close
  • Includes sequential and bump-fire triggers


  • Drive Depth Adjustment didn't have much effect on the depth that the nails were driven


  • Unit comes with a 360-degree adjustable air deflector, a thoughtful touch.
  • Operator's manual is very well-written (English & Spanish), and includes a schematic and parts list
  • Utilizes 18-gauge straight collated finish nails from 5/8" - 2" in length.
  • Air consumption at 2.5 SCFM - 10 nails/minute @ 90 psig

Guide Review - Grip-Rite GRTBN200 Brad Nailer Review

We've used a number of pneumatic finish and brad nailers over the years, and while we've encountered some very well-built units, we've also used a few pneumatic nailers that left something to be desired. The Grip-Rite GRTBN200 definitely falls in to the former category. There's a lot to like about this brad nailer.

Forgetting for a moment about all of the features of this brad nailer, one of our favorite parts of this unit was how it felt in our hands. The GRTBN200 is lightweight yet still has a solid, sturdy feeling when in use. Nailing is accurate, as the narrow, spring-loaded mechanism (equipped with a "no-mar" pad on the tip to protect the surface of the wood being nailed) allows for easy visibility at a number of angles.

The only thing that we found problematic was that the depth-of-drive adjustment didn't adjust the depth of nailing as much as we might have expected. However, a minor adjustment of the air pressure on the compressor (within the acceptable range of 70-110 psi) made the desired changes.

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