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Bosch JS5 Orbital Jigsaw Review

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Bosch JS5 Orbital Jigsaw

Bosch JS5 Orbital Jigsaw

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The Bottom Line

The Bosch JS5 is a top-of-the-line orbital-action jigsaw that is loaded with helpful features to make using this jigsaw an absolute pleasure. Even with features such as an adjustable dust blower to keep sawdust out of the cut line, a very well-balanced motor and a blade change mechanism that allows for one-handed blade changes, the most impressive part of this woodworking power tool is how smooth of a cut this jigsaw leaves behind. This is likely a by-product of the effort put into balancing the jigsaw, and the fruits of Bosch's efforts are evident.

This is one fine jigsaw.
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  • Equipped with an adjustable dust blower to keep sawdust out of the cut line
  • 4-position orbital cutting action, for cutting various types of materials
  • Includes carrying bag, allen key and one jigsaw blade


  • Could be a little bit pricey for some budgets


  • Includes a dust extraction port for connecting the jigsaw to a vacuum or dust collection system.
  • Soft Grip handle and body make this jigsaw comfortable to use for extended periods of time.
  • Backed by a one-year unconditional warranty against manufacturers' defects.

Guide Review - Bosch JS5 Orbital Jigsaw Review

Like many of their woodworking tools, the Bosch JS5 Orbital Action, Variable-Speed Jigsaw is a very-well designed piece of equipment. By combining a variable-speed motor and counterbalanced drive system, Bosch has devised an orbital jigsaw that is so smooth, when the motor is on high-speed, vibration from the motor is barely perceptible. This not only provides the benefit of reduced operator fatigue during long sessions of using the tool, but results in much smoother cuts as well.

Additionally, the one-handed blade change system is a really nice touch. The blade is inserted into the chuck until you hear a click. To remove the blade, merely turn the chuck with your thumb 1/4 turn and pull out the blade. Very simple to use.

While the Bosch JS5 Orbital-Action Jigsaw is certainly more expensive than a number of the models on the market, it isn't so pricey so as to make it unaffordable to the average woodworker. Some craftsmen may choose to spend their budget elsewhere, but those artisans who seek a top-notch jigsaw could certainly do a lot worse.

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