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Woodworking Resources

In our Resources, we discuss ways to improve your skill level as a woodworker, be it from learning through woodworking television shows, books, magazines and courses to buying better tools, finding advanced projects and laying out ideas for improving your workshop.
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Woodworking Clubs and Guilds in Your Area!
Woodworking clubs have sprung up in all corners of the world, as woodworkers have found that one of the best ways to improve their skill level is to rub elbows with other woodworkers. Woodturners have formed their own clubs, too, which seem to be independent from woodworking clubs. In this page, learn about woodworking clubs in your area, or submit your own woodworking club to the list!

Reviews of Woodworking Tools - Image Gallery
This image gallery contains pictures of all of the About.com Reviews of Woodworking Tools. Click on any image to read the complete review of that particular tool, to help you make an informed buying decision.

Rockwell BladeRunner RK7320 Cutting Machine
The Rockwell BladeRunner RK7320 bills itself as The Ultimate Cutting Machine, because it can cut wood, ceramic tile, PVC, aluminum, steel and more. Think of the Rockwell BladeRunner as essentially a scroll saw that uses common T-shank jigsaw blades. The result is a very effective tool for cutting almost material you might need to cut on a...

How to Submit Photos to About Woodworking
Do you want to submit a photo for one of the About.com Woodworking Guide's reference photo galleries, or a drawing describing a woodworking project? Here are the guidelines to follow with your submission.

Woodworking Picture Gallery of Wooden Doors
On a recent trip to South America, I was enamored with the quality of craftsmanship of the wooden doors. So, I took a bunch of pictures and have created this About Woodworking Picture Gallery of Wooden Doors. Not only are they beautiful, but many have been in place for a number of years. Have an amazing door picture you'd like to share? Submit...

Sound Play Outdoor Musical Instruments - A Woodworking Interview
Sound Play specializes in outdoor musical instruments built primarily from wood, designed to withstand the weather and vigorous activity of a playground. In this article, read an interview with Sound Play founder Bond Anderson, to discuss woodworking, music and a lot more.

Splinter - The Wooden Supercar
For years, in the early years of aviation, airplanes and airframes were made from wood. They were strong, durable and relatively lightweight. Today, wood is rarely considered strong enough for use with a powerful engine, but that didn't stop Joe Harmon. He has designed the Splinter, a 600-HP supercar made primarily from wood.

Woodworking Classes at Woodcraft
Your local Woodcraft store offers numerous "hands-on" classes to help you improve your skills with woodworking tools. Visit their site to find the schedule of available classes at your neighborhood Woodcraft store.

Best New Woodworking Tools of 2010
Every year, a bevy of new woodworking tools are introduced to the market. Some are really innovative ideas, while others seem to be merely keeping-up-with-the-Joneses type efforts. They may not be bad tools, but in some cases, there's no real "wow" factor. Just like many years, though, in 2010 there were some really impressive offerings....

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