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Pneumatic Woodworking Tools

For today's woodworker, pneumatic nailers and staplers have become as commonplace as the saw and hammer. In these articles, we discuss different types of pneumatic woodworking tools and air compressors.

How to Use a Framing Nailer Safely and Effectively
A framing nailer is an essential construction tool, as the operator can put a number of framing nails into an assembly in the time it would take to drive one nail with a hammer. There are a number of ways to use a framing nailer safely and effectively. Learn these techniques in this About Woodworking article.

How to Use a Finish Nailer
Finish nailers come in a few varieties, (straight or angled magazine, various sizes of nails, pneumatic or cordless, etc.) but all operate on the same basic principles. In this woodworking tool tip, learn how to get the most out of your finish nailer, plus tips on making adjustments to the nailer when needed.

How to Use a Brad Nailer
Brad nailers are similar to finish nailers, except that they use much smaller nails and are designed for very delicate work. Brads used in brad nailers are made from 18-gauge wire, and are seldom longer than 1-1/2 inches. In this article, learn how to use a brad nailer, and when this should be your choice for fastening pieces in your woodworking...

Finding the Right Air Compressor for Your Shop
In the modern wood shop, pneumatic nailers have become as commonplace as the saw and hammer. However, in order to power these pneumatic tools appropriately, a woodworker needs to have the proper air compressor. In this article, we discuss the features to look for when shopping for an air compressor, to meet the needs of all of your pneumatic...

Maintaining and Caring for Your Air Compressor
If you use air-powered pneumatic woodworking tools in your woodshop, you need a quality air compressor to power those tools. Because most air compressors need almost no day-to-day maintenance, they are easy to take for granted. However, there are some parts of the compressor you should keep your eye on to make sure your pneumatic woodworking...

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