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Plywood is the most common of all man-made wood materials. Learn when to use plywood, and how to select the right sheet of plywood for your project.

What is Plywood and How is it Made?
A number of woodworking materials available in the home center are man-made. Plywood is one such manufactured material. It is actually a series of layers of wood glued together. Learn how plywood is made and the advantages of using plywood in your woodworking projects.

Identifying Plywood Sizes
Buying plywood (and other sheet goods) at the lumber yard can be a bit confusing, particularly because the actual sizes (as measured with a tape measure) don't actually match the common name for the product. In this article, learn how plywood sizes are sold and how to discover what plywood sizes or products are best for each of your woodworking...

Plywood Grades
There are many different plywood grades and types of plywood available on the market, from marine plywood to exterior plywood, A-A to CDX. The type or grade you choose to use will be dependent on how the plywood in the project will be used. Learn where and when to use the different plywood grades and types of plywood.

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