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Review of Woodworking Magazine


Woodworking Magazine

Woodworking Magazine

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The Bottom Line

Woodworking Magazine is a departure from so many of the other traditional-style woodworking publications on the racks at newsstands and at the checkouts of your local home center. Instead of being filled to the brim with advertisements offering this gadget or that tool, Woodworking Magazine is completely ad-free. Every page (including the back cover) is loaded with ideas, tips and tricks dedicated to helping self-taught woodworkers learn more about their craft.


  • Articles are quite in-depth, with easy-to-follow illustrations
  • Nearly every issue includes a couple of step-by-step projects, tool reviews, and finishing tips
  • Letters to the Editor and Shortcuts sections are full of useful ideas


  • Only printed four times a year (twice a year prior to 2008)
  • Interior illustrations in black-and-white; color images would be better when discussing finishes


  • Each issue contains at least two in-depth articles covering a project or woodworking technique.
  • While all images in the magazine are in black-and-white, they are numerous and very helpful when learning a technique.
  • Most issues include a glossary, covering any terms found in that issue that may need to be defined.

Guide Review - Review of Woodworking Magazine

Woodworking Magazine is a very well-written, descriptive quarterly dedicated to teaching some of the finer aspects of woodworking. After opening the Autumn 2007 issue, complete with a 16-page set of instructions for building a 19th-century cabinetmaker's workbench, I found it difficult to put the magazine down.

Nearly every issue includes reviews of a specific type of tool, typically followed by an article on how to better use this type of tool. You'll also find an article on perfecting a specific type of finish, letters to the editor, regular columns and reader-submitted tips. Even the back page is loaded with great information, laid out like a reference chart on a specific woodworking topic.

You can subscribe at the URL listed above. Additionally, you can purchase previous copies of Woodworking Magazine all the way back to the original issue from the Spring of 2004. Although there have only been a handful of issues printed as of this moment, each and every one has been highly informative.

Fortunately, the magazine is printed on heavy stock, as I'll be keeping every copy that I receive for future reference.
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