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Ridgid Band Saw

Ridgid Band Saw

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Ridgid Tools are made by the Ridge Tool Company, a division of the Emerson Professional Tools, has been building tools since they started operating in 1923. Their first offering was a pipe wrench, and they have maintained a focus on plumbing tools ever since. It wasn't until years later that they began marketing power tools.


As a division of Emerson, Ridgid power tools are manufactured in a number of locations. Many of their power tools are built in China by TekTronic Industries (more commonly known as TTI), but a few of their models display "Made in Germany" tags. Additionally, some Ridgid tools (specifically the line of Ridgid wet/dry vacs) are manufactured by the Emerson Professional Tools division, where they also make vacuum units for Craftsman.

Available Tools:

Ridgid focuses their power tools line primariily on hand-operated power tools, such as routers, sanders, jigsaws, circular saws (corded and cordless) and power drills (also corded and cordless). They also have a limited number of entries into the portable table saw and compound miter saw markets. Additionally, Ridgid offers a limited line of power tool accessories.

Ridgid power tools are most closely associated with the chain of Home Depot stores, with locations in all 50 states of the US, plus the district of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. However, contrary to popular belief, Home Depot does not have an exclusive license to sell Ridgid tools, as they are available in other online stores.


Ridgid Tools (www.ridgid.com)
Emerson Tool Company (www.emerson.com)

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