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Glossary of Woodworking Terminology (S)

An extensive glossary of woodworking terminology beginning with the letter S encompassing woodworking tools, types of wood and terms used in our free woodworking plans.

When shopping at the local lumberyard or find wood supplier, you'll find that hardwoods and fine stock can be purchased as either S1S, S2S or S4S. Learn the definition of the S1S in this About Woodworking Glossary entry.

Hardwoods and fine stock can be purchased as either S1S (which is short for "surfaced one side"), S2S (surfaces two sides) or S4S (surfaced four sides). Learn the definition of the S2S in this About Woodworking Glossary entry.

Hardwoods and fine stock found at your local fine wood supplier can be purchased as either surfaced on one side, referred to as S1S, surfaced on two sides (S2S) or surfaced on all four sides (S4S). Learn the definition of the S4S in this About Woodworking Glossary entry.

Safety Glasses
Safety glasses have sturdy frames, impact resistant lenses and side guards. Every woodworker should wear safety glasses for every task in the workshop.

Sanding Block
A Sanding Block is a woodworking accessory used for hand sanding. To use a sanding block, cut a full-sheet of sandpaper into quarters, then wrap and secure one of the 1/4 sheets of sandpaper around the block. Place the sandpaper side down onto the wood and sand back and forth, moving with the grain of the wood.

Abrasive paper used for smoothing and shaping wood. Comes in a variety of types and abrasive levels, called grits.

Device used for holding stock off of the floor. Often also used as the base for a table top or planks used as a scaffold.

The outer portion of a tree's trunk, where the sap tends to flow throughout the tree.

Hand tool used for driving screws. Comes in various sizes and styles, such as flathead, Phillips, square head and Torx.

Wood screws are probably the most commonly-used mechanical fasteners used in woodworking, and for good reason. They are strong, hold well, plus they are versatile and easy to use, particularly with a cordless drill and a screw bit. Learn the different types of wood screws and how to properly use them in your woodworking projects.

Sliding Bevel
A sliding bevel is used for duplicating unusual angles.

Stock harvested from coniferous trees. A very common type of material readily available at home centers, and used regularly in home construction.

Acronym that stands for spruce, pine & fir, the three most common types of softwoods.

Stationary Base Router
A power tool that cuts shapes on edges, but has a fixed depth that cannot be adjusted while cutting.

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