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Getting Started in Woodworking

Woodworking is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling activities around. Don't know where or how to get started? Here you'll find the basics on how to set up your work area, what tools you'll need to get started, how to work safely with your tools and more.

Getting Started in Woodworking
Getting started in woodworking can seem like a daunting task. From the expense of buying tools to determining the different types of wood, there is so much to learn that even the old-timers are still learning. However, learning woodworking isn't difficult. If you master the basics by following beginner woodworking tips, the rest will fall into...

Safety Rules Every Woodworker Should Know
There are a few simple safety rules that every woodworker should always follow. Make safety a habit, and you'll be much less likely to encounter a problem when woodworking.

Woodworking Machines for Your Shop
Woodworking machines are precise power tools that are typically far too large and heavy to be portable, which means that they're rarely found on a job site. Instead, these woodworking machines are confined to the wood shop. Fortunately, they're so useful that you'll be quite willing to build your fine woodworking projects in your wood shop and...

Top 7 Power Tools Every Woodworker Should Have
Getting started in woodworking doesn't have to be expensive. With just a few well-selected power tools, a beginning woodworker can complete a quite a number of woodworking projects and develop their skill level at the same time. In this list, find the seven power tools that are the most useful and practical for any beginning woodworker getting...

Top 10 Hand Tools Every Woodworker Needs
What are the essential hand tools every woodworker needs? We list the Top 10 woodworking tools you'll need for nearly every project.

How to Buy Pre-Owned Tools
New woodworking tools can give a buyer a case of sticker-shock, but used tools aren't always a bargain. Use this used woodworking tool buying guide when considering buying pre-owned tools so you get the quality tool that you need.

How to Calculate Board Feet
When buying hardwoods, you'll find that the wood is sold by the board foot. How can you easily calculate board feet? Why would you want to calculate board feet when the lumberyard has already done it for you? One reason would be to make sure that you're getting an accurate price on each board you buy. Learn how to calculate board feet the easy way.

Selecting Lumber for Your Woodworking Projects
When visiting your local lumber yard or home center, do you know how to find the pieces of wood stock that will be best for your project? Learn how to spot warp, cups, bows, twists, crooks, checks, splits and more.

Shop Accessories Every Woodworker Should Have
While every shop should have an assortment of woodworking tools, there are a number of wood shop accessories that are just as useful. Some of these accessories are tools that aren't necessarily "woodworking tools" but a few of the rest are items that can be built in the shop. Here is our Top 10 list of Wood Shop Accessories.

How Far Apart Should Biscuits Be Spaced?
A biscuit joint is when a football-shaped biscuit (commonly made of beechwood) is inserted into matching slots in two corresponding boards. One common question is, "how far or close together should these biscuits be placed?" In this tip, learn the best type (and size) of biscuit to choose for your project, plus how they should be spaced in the...

How to Use a Featherboard
Featherboards, whether homemade or commercially-built, are designed to help hold stock securely against a fence when ripping or routing the board.

The Easy Way to Check for Square
Woodworkers need to be able to determine whether an assembly is square. This simple tip is based on Pythagorean's Theorem, and it works every single time.

Finding Square Using the 3-4-5 Rule
One of the simplest ways to finding square is to use the 3-4-5 rule, no matter whether you're creating a small project or are building a house. The 3-4-5 rule is based on the Pythagorean Theorem, but you don't need a calculator or need to do any complicated math to employ the rule. Learn how to put this easy rule into practice in your...

Tips for Proper Workshop Lighting
When laying out your woodworking shop, pay special attention to lighting. A well-lit shop should have consistent illumination on all work surfaces so you can use your woodworking tools from any angle without casting shadows.

How to Install Butt Hinges Properly
Installing butt hinges requires mortising the edge of the door and frame for the hinge flanges. Here's how to cut the mortises and align the hinges properly.

Twelve Periods of American Furniture
American furniture has been through twelve major periods, relying primarily on French and English influence. These furniture styles guide woodworkers today.

Resawing Boards with a Band Saw
Resawing is a woodworking technique using a bandsaw for cutting boards from a larger piece of stock. Here's how to safely and easily resaw boards.

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