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Getting Started in Woodworking
Woodworking is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling activities around. Don't know where or how to get started? Here you'll find the basics on how to set up your work area, what tools you'll need to get started, how to work safely with your tools and more.

Using your Woodworking Tools Safely
Woodworking is a potentially dangerous hobby. Most hand tools are very sharp, and power tools can cause serious injury, even death, when used improperly. By developing some good habits based on common sense rules, you can work safely in the wood shop.

Woodworking Tools, Machines and Equipment
Its a well-known fact that a woodworker is only as good as his tools. Learn the features and functions of both power and manually-operated woodworking tools, and how to properly use and care for them.

Identifying Types of Wood
There are many varieties of stock available to woodworkers. A woodworker who understands how his choice of materials is affected by humidity, milling, joining and finishing will be better equipped to achieve the desired result of a quality finished product. Here, we discuss the properties of wood products available to the woodworker today.

Wood Joinery - Methods for Connecting Wood
Wood joinery is simply the method by which two pieces of wood are connected. In many cases, the appearance of a joint becomes at least as important as it's strength. Wood joinery encompasses everything from intricate half-blind dovetails to connections that are simply nailed, glued or screwed. In this section, we'll discuss a number of wood joinery options to consider when working on your projects.

Wood Turning
Would you like to learn wood turning? From beginner's instructions to tips and tricks for the advanced wood turner, we've got you covered here.

How to Address Woodworking Problems
Knots, cracked wood, shrinking & expanding stock and blemishes are just a few of the problems a woodworker may have to deal with. Learn some easy to follow tips for avoiding problems before they occur or address them after they have occurred.

Tips for a Perfect Finish
The difference between an average piece and a beautiful piece of woodwork is the finish. There are many different types of finishes to choose from. Learn tips for putting a beautiful final touch on your handiwork.

Efficient Woodshop Layout and Design
Each woodworker faces unique challenges when designing their woodshop layout. Whether beginning with a basement, garage or dedicated building, steps can be taken to make the most out of the space available. Learn tips and tricks for making your woodshop layout as efficient as possible.

Free Woodworking Plans and Designs
Are you looking for free woodworking plans? Look no further! Each of the free woodworking plans listed here contain numerous dimensioned drawings to make building the project easier.

Woodworking Suppliers - Shopping for Woodworking Supplies
Links to woodworking suppliers for all of your woodworking tools, hardware, lumber and fine wood stock, and much more.

Woodworking Resources
In our Resources, we discuss ways to improve your skill level as a woodworker, be it from learning through woodworking television shows, books, magazines and courses to buying better tools, finding advanced projects and laying out ideas for improving your workshop.

Glossary of Woodworking Terminology
An extensive glossary of woodworking terminology encompassing woodworking tools, types of wood and terms used in our free woodworking plans.

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