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Kerf - Woodworking - About.com
The term kerf relates to the width of a finished saw cut, commonly from the carbide of a circular saw blade. The kerf is typically created by teeth that protrude  ...
Countersink - Woodworking Accessories - Drilling with a Countersink
By using a countersink after drilling the hole, you reduce the chance of the wood splitting by driving the head into the wood. In this glossary article, learn about ...
How to Cut a Dado - Basic Woodworking Joints
The dado is a common woodworking joint, one particularly well-suited for building cabinets. Learn how to cut ... Glossary of Woodworking Terminology ( R-T).
Glossary of Woodworking Terminology - About.com
An extensive glossary of woodworking terminology encompassing woodworking tools, types of wood and terms used in our free woodworking plans.
How to Cut a Dado - Woodworking - About.com
The dado is a common woodworking joint, one particularly well-suited for building cabinets. ... Glossary of Woodworking Terminology · Glossary of Woodworking ...
Woodworking Tools, Machines and Equipment
A thorough description of woodworking tools, including power and hand tools, ... Woodworking Resources · Glossary of Woodworking Terminology · Blog · Free ...
Nails, Brads & Tacks - Woodworking - About.com
In years gone by, no woodworker could get by without a wide variety of nails at their disposal. With today's ... Glossary of Woodworking Terminology (R-T).
Mortise & Tenon Joints - Woodworking - About.com
Today, most woodworkers would use glue to secure the tenon inside the mortise, but in years gone by, ... Glossary of Woodworking Terminology (R-T).
Chisels - Essential Woodworking Tools - About.com
... the cutting edge. And of course, as with all woodworking tasks, never use a chisel without your safety glasses. ... Glossary of Woodworking Terminology (R-T) .
Woodworking With Softwood Lumber - Materials
In this article, you'll learn about woodworking with softwood lumber and when to use these soft woods in your ... Glossary of Woodworking Terminology (R-T).
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