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Eco-Friendly / Green Building Materials
Just because the label says a product is green doesn't mean it's actually good for the environment. Check out this list of eco-friendly building materials that you ...
Buying Green Homes - Making Homes Green - Green Building ...
Building green homes by using sustainably harvested products. Descriptions of green building materials. Eco-friendly living in green homes. About installing ...
Alternative Building Materials - Home Renovation - About.com
You may not know much about these alternative building materials yet, but over half the world's population currently uses earth to construct their homes.
Plastic Building Materials - Home Renovation - About.com
I began this article, titling it Structural Plastic Building Materials, with an eye toward identifying plastics that can be used for framing walls and creating joists ...
Where to Find Green Building Materials
You have a pretty good idea of what constitutes a "green" building material. That's all well and good, but you're ready to get to work and want to know where you ...
Asbestos Building Materials - List of Asbestos Containing Materials
At least that's the impression you will get after reading this list of common building materials in the home that may contain asbestos. But keep in mind that this is ...
Historic Building Materials and Features - Architecture - About.com
This portion of Preservation Brief 35 describes historic building materials, including mortar, wood, roofing styles and other older construction methods.
Attract Birds With Nesting Material - What Birds Use to Build Nests
Learn how to attract birds by offering suitable nesting material in a way that will encourage them to build nests in your backyard. Includes a list of different types ...
Miniature Building Materials - Miniatures - About.com
Descriptions and reviews of building materials used to create scale buildings and dolls houses.
List of Exterior Wall Materials and Systems - Construction - About.com
Exterior walls can be finished with a wide array of materials and techniques. ... produce significant savings for the contractor as well as for the building occupant.
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